Sunday, March 10, 2013

Modeling and Rigging

After going back and forth with the character here are the final models

Shorty:  (I made a few alterations to the model by making it slightly taller and separating the leg mesh from the body as the rig would break if i would try to bend the knees too much. Another aspect was the beard. sing the character is very closely shaped to a ball and the head another little ball it the beard would penetrate. trimming the beard wasn’t a very appealing look so i just decided to do away with it. And minus the beard the bandanna looked a little weird as well. As they say Bald can be beautiful too.I only hope you guys can agree with me on that. XD

Big: He was fairly easy and straight forward to model and rig as the proportions were close to realistic human proportions in a slightly stylized way. But due to time constraints I ended up rigging this character using an autorig and just did blend shapes for is the turntable for it

Crabby: He was very straight forward to model and rig as well. I just used a simple ik rig for the limbs and crazy eye shapes to add some personality to the rig.

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