Sunday, January 27, 2013

Getting back to the blog after a hiatus.

Earlier this month I started with the project I am going to be working on for the rest of time i have left in Central Saint Martins. I decided to focus on the story and animatic development and sought the help of my friend and classmate Ana Garcia to collaborate with me and do the character designs for this animated short. I did a rough draft of the storyboard and then decided to move on to create a animatic. after a few revisions and changes this is what the animatic looks like now.

There are a lot of areas i'd still like to improve on  and frame shots a bit better, so i moved on to doing a 3d layout to stage each and every shot with blocky meshes. During the tutorial last week I have been suggested a few changes including a suggestion to change the direction of the story which i'm considering.

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